Graphic Designer

Andrew Makowski

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Andrew Makowski joined Havener in June 2020 as Graphic Designer on our Marketing team. He is responsible for the design and execution of our client marketing materials and delivering customized creative and marketing solutions for our clients.

Prior to joining Havener, Andrew worked for Edelman Financial Engines and M2K Branding & Communications, where he designed marketing materials and digital graphics. Experienced in both print and digital design, Andrew’s work focuses on the importance of brand identity and how compelling visual design can tell an impactful (and beautiful) story. Andrew is a graduate of Carrington College California where he studied Graphic Design.

Andrew spent most of his life living in Los Angeles County California but now lives in the state of Maryland, near Washington DC. When he isn’t designing, he can be found spending quality time with his wife and two kids. Some of their activities include outdoor walks, family-friendly movies, and playdates. Being a creative type, Andrew is also a long-time musician and enjoys writing and producing alternative music with friends at his home studio.

Motto: No One Ever Made A Difference by Being Like Everyone Else.

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