Emily Boyle, Director of Content

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Emily joined Havener Capital Partners as Director of Content in November 2022. With more than 25 years of financial writing experience, she has developed the unique ability translate complex topics into engaging, digestible stories. In her role at Havener, she leads a team of writers in conceptualizing and creating content for Havener’s asset manager clients.

Like many of Havener’s clients, Emily spent years working for “The Bigs” before breaking away to do her own thing. After writing for some of the biggest and best asset managers in the industry, she was ready for something different, so she cleared out her cube, turned in her employee ID, and set up shop in her drafty 100-year-old Denver home. In the years that followed, Emily led and supported hundreds of writing and editorial initiatives across diverse genres and interest groups – from investors, athletes, and artists to economists, educators, and environmentalists. She also had a baby (her third), became a certified yoga instructor, joined the board of a non-profit organization, and backpacked through the Grand Canyon.

In 2021, while still running her own business and running to keep up with her active family, Emily joined Havener on a contractual basis, where she supported the marketing team in developing content for the firm’s growing roster of clients. As the volume of work increased, so did Emily’s interest in helping boutique asset managers tell (write) their breakaway stories. As it turns out, joining Havener in a full-time role was the next chapter in her own story.

When she’s not conceptualizing and crafting content for Havener’s asset managers, Emily enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, soccer (from the sidelines), and gathering around backyard firepits with friends—a pandemic-inspired trend that seems to have stuck.

Motto: "Draw the art you want to see, make the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read." – Austin Kleon

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