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  • All that is gold

    has not always


    You want to grow. We can help.
    We know the industry, we know investments, and
    we know investors.

  • Founded by Stacy Havener in 2010, Havener is regarded as one of the leading independent sales and marketing firms in financial services. We have a track record of helping our investment management clients raise assets. By harnessing your unique story, utilizing intelligent data, and blending the best of inbound marketing with traditional outbound efforts, our sales and marketing system delivers results.

    We believe in the power of numbers, letters, and hard knocks.

    Our firm is comprised of seasoned sales and marketing executives, tech savvy creatives, and data loving analysts. We have an alphabet soup of credentials from Series 6, 7, 24 to CIMAs and CFAs. We combine the best of our industry with the best of other industries and throw in a dash of street smarts to boot.

    Havener can serve as a full outsourced third party marketer or as a strategic complement to your existing efforts.

Our Story

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  • How to Find RIA and Family Office Investors



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  • Impossible is

    Just a Dare

    “If you build it, they will come” sounds great in
    dreams, but in reality, it is not that easy.
    It can feel overwhelming or even impossible.
    To that we say, “Bring it.”

  • Havener takes a holistic approach to sales and marketing. There is no silver bullet for success. It isn’t just one game, it’s the whole season, and there are multiple components involved in building a winning strategy. This doesn’t scare us, and it shouldn’t scare you. We understand each of the components and will build a customized strategic plan based on your unique situation and goals.

    By utilizing a time-tested strategy that combines cutting-edge technology and inbound marketing with traditional sales and marketing activities, we expand the distribution effort, compress the sales cycle and increase efficiency.

Our Services

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  • Strategy & Consulting

    Think differently, solve problems, and optimize distribution with a team of experts by your side. Together, we’ll review your investment process, product structure and existing resources in order to help you crystallize your goals. We’ll outline how to achieve those goals in a customized Playbook which we will continually update as we work together. It’s important to understand where you are coming from in order to get you where you want to go.

  • Outbound Sales

    At Havener, outbound sales has long surpassed the days of dialing for dollars. Our sales work begins by gaining an insider’s perspective into the search activity and research process of potential investors. Qualifying prospects, uncovering money in motion and focusing on investors who match the target profiles of our clients enables us to compress the sales cycle. In facilitating the due diligence process, we close deals by leveraging deep dive investment work and behavioral analysis. We are your deal whisperers.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Attract. Convert. Close. Delight. This methodology begins by getting found. Havener will help you define your target investor personas and execute a strategy to engage them. We’ll make your content work for you by executing email marketing campaigns and traditional marketing activities to support your overall distribution effort and drive prospects to you. Creating landing pages and calls-to-action, monitoring the analytics, and using intelligent data, we’ll maximize lead generation efforts. Your days of cold calling are over.

  • Investment Analytics

    Investors have a lot of choices, why should they choose you? While we harness the power of the qualitative components of an investor’s due diligence, at Havener we also understand that quantitative aspects play an equally important role. We’ll help you understand the competitive landscape and peer groups, analyze your strategy’s risk/reward profile and identify your role in an investor’s portfolio. We can translate how you fit – we’re fluent in statistics.

  • Content Development

    In marketing campaigns, sales messages, quarterly commentaries, marketing collateral and websites, your content needs to tell your story, solve problems for your prospects, and highlight your brain power. We are here to support you in your efforts. Where needed, we’re also able to create content for you. At Havener, we believe that a graph can speak 1,000 words and that a few well-chosen words can articulate an entire story… and it’s all about that story. Your story.

  • Collateral & Creative

    Don’t be boring – that’s our mantra. Always be you – that’s another one. At Havener, we’ll blend the experience of sales, marketing and investment professionals with the talent of designers to help you deliver your messages in a unique way that sets you apart from the crowd. We support our clients with all of their design needs, including the creation of fact sheets, presentations, call-to-action campaigns, email templates and more. We can also assist you with initial website design or the redesign of your existing site.  Brain power can (and should) be beautiful.

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    You are talented at investing. You want to grow your assets under management. You are busy.
    This is where we come in.

  • Clients of Havener each have a unique story and unique challenges, but they all share the same end goal of growing their business thoughtfully and authentically. Perhaps you are breaking out of an existing asset management firm to launch your own shop or you are an institutional asset manager launching a new fund. Maybe you feel it’s time to turn-around your business and improve your marketing effort. Whatever the scenario, we can help.

    Whether you partner with us for full outsourced third party marketing or utilize us as a strategic complement to internal efforts, whether you need every component of the sales and marketing effort or just select pieces of the puzzle, we will function like an extension of you.
    We are your team.

Our Clients

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